Maestra duerme con colegiala

Teacher sleeps with schoolgirl

Teacher sleeps with schoolgirl

+ That’s what it’s about

32-year-old teacher Frank C. and a 14-year-old student met for the first time in 2006 on a bus trip to the school class in Hamburg. This was followed by internet chats and after the holidays there was the first sex. The two are said to have slept together 22 times, five of them in the school’s cleaning room.

+ The law

The fact that the girl was only 14 years old did not influence the process, because sex between those over 14 and adults is free as long as no predicament is exploited.

But: Sex between teachers and students is forbidden for good reason! That is, because there is a dependency relationship. That is, teachers could pressure students and use their power. To protect students from this, sex with pupils is not allowed.

When can you have sex? Check the information!

+ Why absolution?

But why was the professor acquitted in this case? The judges based their verdict on the fact that the teacher was only a substitute teacher. So there was no so-called custodial relationship. This means that the teacher did not have a permanent responsibility for the girl and therefore a dependency relationship could not develop. If it had been the class teacher, the situation could be very different. The professor was acquitted, but the disciplinary process is ongoing and is suspended until further notice. Is that really enough?

+ Your opinion?

The audience reacted in horror! “The message of this trial is a disaster! It says that a teacher, if he is not a class or subject teacher, can approach a student at his school with impunity. This society can’t live with it! “complains the president of the German Association for Child Protection, Heinz Hilgers (63) in an interview

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