¡Lágrimas en el set!  GZSZ-Nihat: "¡Estaba muerto de miedo!"

Tears on set! GZSZ-Nihat: “I was scared to death!”

Tears on the set!  GZSZ-Nihat: "I was scared to death!"

Timur Ülker

Timur Ülker has only been part of the cast of GZSZ for a few weeks. He plays Nihat Güney, Shirin’s (Gamze Senol) cousin. Now he confesses that he was scared to death on a set and burst into tears on set. But what happened?

The story at GZSZ

John (Felix von Jascheroff) and Shirin (Gamze Senol) have to go through a lot. After Shirin won the lawsuit against her ex-husband Erik, everything could be so beautiful. Could! If it wasn’t for Shirin’s argument with Emily, which completely derails her. Shirin gets drunk with frustration and wakes up the next morning in her damaged sports car. And it has a movie tear. Police are soon at the door: Shirin is said to have driven a car race through the city while drunk, injuring a cyclist. Shirin, his cousin Nihat, who is a budding lawyer, and John quickly discover that Erik must be behind. He wants to put his ex-wife in jail, destroy her life.

Nihat tries his best to prove Shirin’s innocence. To find out more about the accident, Nihat has the accident victim in the shade. But his curiosity has dramatic consequences.

“I was scared to death!”

+++ Warning, spoilers! +++

Nihat manages to videotape a cash delivery, finally proving Shirin’s innocence. But he messed with the wrong people: he was kidnapped.

And the intense filming was very close to the actor Timur Ülker, as he reveals in an RTL interview: “I was so much in the moment that I really thought I was going to die now and I started crying at the scene and for mine, Shout life. He was scared to death. After the scene ended and the cameras were rebuilt, I had to leave the studio for a moment and burst into tears again. “

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But Timur feels this outburst of feelings positively: “Looking back, of course it’s incredibly nice as an actor to create such honest moments.”

How is the kidnapping going?

As Nihat desperately tries to free himself, Shirin is not helped by the police, who simply do not believe that Erik’s accident was a fake. Together with Toni and John, he goes in search of Nihat. We will find out in the next few days at 7:40 pm RTL if Shirin will find him in time.

In the video you can see the first scenes of the kidnapping drama and also learn how Timür Ülker prepared for the difficult filming:

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