Red de telecomunicaciones y LTE: paquetes de inicio de Penny Mobil un 70 por ciento más baratos

Telecom network and LTE: Penny Mobil starter packs 70 percent cheaper

Telecom network and LTE: Penny Mobil starter packages 70 percent cheaper

Penny Mobil has again heavily discounted prices from its own rates, starter packages for prepaid deals now only cost 2.99 euros.

If you like telecommunication networks, the expansion and flexibility of the LTE network, now you can take a look at Penny Mobil discount rates again. Made by the Telekom subsidiary Congstar, these are extremely interesting prepaid rates because they include the factors mentioned in the introduction. Currently, the starter packs are drastically reduced again, that is, by 70% from 9.95 to just 2.99 euros. As usual, there is a SIM card and an initial credit equal to the price of the rate.

Penny Mobil sells much cheaper prepaid starter packs

The following main smartphone rates are currently available:

  • 1 GB (100 free minutes) for 4.99 euros
  • 3 GB (Allnet Flat) for 7.99 euros
  • 5 GB (Allnet Flat) for 12.99 euros
  • 7 GB (Allnet Flat) for 19.99 euros

The offer also includes other prepaid rates, the ones we just mentioned being the most exciting. The new promotion is provisionally available until April 11, but only at Penny locations and therefore not online. The prices offered are significantly more attractive than, for example, directly from Telekom, you just have to give up the flat rate of the hotspot.