Telekom hammer: VDSL and LTE flat rates under 20 euros – that’s behind


Magenta Eins is a combination of Telekom’s mobile and fixed networks. If you book both, you will get discounts. Telekom continues to work in the background with old technology. You are now testing a new platform to better perform Magenta Eins. And that’s exactly what you can benefit from by participating in a Magenta One public beta test.

The conditions for this are unique. You get two connections with 50 Mbit / s each on the downstream and 10 Mbit / s on the upstream. One will be exchanged on the landline network, and another will be sent to you through the cellular network. You can transfer as much data as you want with both connections. In other words: You have a flat rate for unlimited data on the Telekom LTE network for less than 20 euros and you get additional services.

Worldwide roaming included

You can also make unlimited calls within Germany, but only from your mobile phone. The price for this: only 19.50 euros per month, there are no implementation costs. As a result of the VAT adjustment, the price will rise to 20 euros from 2021.

It can also be used abroad. You can use 15GB per month within the EU. As a special feature, Telekom also adds 1GB of data volume outside the EU. The minimum duration of the contract is one year. At the same time, however, there is also a maximum contract term until September 30, 2021. Then the beta test ends and it can be assumed that Telekom will offer you a change or cancel the connections.

Disadvantages of the offer

The offer also has some catches. You can only reserve it if you are not yet a Telekom customer on a landline or mobile phone. A change is not possible. You also cannot carry your current phone number. Furthermore, Telekom is only looking for 2,000 test clients. If this quota is reached, the acceptance of new clients ends. You cannot reserve some rate and feature options such as eSIM, MultiSIM, or Travel & Surf.

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