MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros por internet móvil y conexión fija

Telekom is testing the new hybrid tariff, customers can participate

MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros for mobile internet and fixed connection

New rates can be expected from Telekom again in late summer, and existing customers are now onboarding for trial purposes for new hybrid options.

Telekom will soon test a new hybrid rate for a new offering; Existing Telekom customers can participate in the trial at no additional cost. Normal customers should try a new hybrid LTE option in daily life. Telekom (MagentaZuhause) customers without an existing hybrid rate can participate. Equally necessary is the Speedport Pro, which is already available on your connection or you must purchase it yourself for the test run.

The test must start in May, 50 participants will be admitted and the test period is four weeks. Anyone interested in this can apply directly to Telekom for the project as a test candidate. Details of exactly what Deutsche Telekom is planning are still missing. There are usually new rates in late summer, so this test could pioneer a new hybrid rate.

What does hybrid mean

Never heard of but interested? Hybrid means the grouping of fixed and mobile networks. The main line is the permanent connection. However, if your connection needs more speed, the LTE network will turn on automatically. For example with 50 Mbit / s via cable, if necessary with another 50 Mbit / s via LTE radio. Telekom currently offers a maximum of 100 + 100 Mbit / s, but theoretically it would be possible to get more in some places via cable and radio.

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