Telekom graba contra Vodafone: "¿No son nuestros amigos"

Telekom records against Vodafone: “Aren’t they our friends?”

Telekom records against Vodafone: "Aren't our friends"

Of all people, Deutsche Telekom believes that its competitor Vodafone would strive for a monopoly on the cable network. That is why new partnerships were announced at a conference. “Anyone who is not called Vodafone is our friend,” they said quite flatly. What is happening there?

Deutsche Telekom fears a “strong monopoly”

Deutsche Telekom, which has long been the sole telephone provider in Germany, fears a new monopoly on the cable network. The fiercest competitor, Vodafone, was identified as the culprit in this regard, as Jean Pascal Roux, senior vice president of Telecom’s cable networks division, made clear at a conference call. Small and medium-sized cable network operators met there to discuss the future of networks in Germany.

To slow down Vodafone’s efforts for the German cable network, a close alliance between Telekom and smaller providers should help. “All cable operators that are not called Vodafone are our friends,” Roux said bluntly. A “relatively strong monopoly” would be taking place. Vodafone was not named here, but it should be clear to everyone involved who he meant by that. Deutsche Telekom’s cable network division, according to Roux, according to, on the other hand, would be simply “impressive”.

To ensure the right atmosphere at the industry meeting, Roux also handed out some gifts to smaller suppliers. A DVB-C signal must be sent over fiber optics to the customer’s living room. Telekom will offer this “basic service” to other companies, while customer contact will be maintained with local cable network operators. Cooperations will be concluded for this purpose. However, the answer came on time: “With great operators” they had bad experiences, according to the podium.

In the video: Information on Telekom’s fiber optic technology.

Telekom: monopoly due to acquisition of Unitymedia

Telekom did not like Vodafone’s acquisition of the cable network operator Unitymedia by Vodafone. In 2019, Vodafone spent a lot of money to be able to supply its own offerings to Unitymedia’s around 7.2 million cable, phone and internet customers.