MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros por internet móvil y conexión fija

Telekom reduces MagentaMobil fees by 10 euros per month the first year

MagentaEins Beta Comeback: 20 euros for mobile internet and fixed connection

Telekom currently offers discounts on the rates for its own smartphones, which are 10 euros a month cheaper in the first year of the contract.

At Telekom, smartphone rates are currently all cheaper, at least the monthly price of all MagentaMobil rates is reduced in the first year. For each rate there is the same price reduction of 10 euros per month, this applies to each of the first twelve months of the contract period. For the MagentaMobil S rate, for example, this means a monthly price of € 29.95 instead of € 39.95 in the first twelve months. During the entire 24-month period, the monthly price is effectively reduced by 5 euros each.

Telekom is reducing smartphone fees

  • MagentaMobil S (6 GB) for 29.95 euros, from the 13th month 39.95 euros
  • MagentaMobil M (12 GB) for 39.95 euros, from the 13th month 49.95 euros
  • MagentaMobil L (24 GB) for 49.95 euros, from the 13th month 59.95 euros
  • MagentaMobil XL (unlimited) for 79.95 euros, from the 13th month 89.95 euros

All rates include a network-wide flat rate for calls and SMS, 5G is included, and full LTE speed is also included.