Decirle cómo usar Memoji en watchOS 7

Tell you how to use Memoji in watchOS 7

Apple just released the watchOS 7 update for Apple Watch. If you don’t know how to use Memoji in watchOS 7, immediately read the article below.

How to use Memoji in watchOS 7 for those who don’t know

Memoji is a cool feature that has been updated in watchOS 7. It offers Apple Watch users something new. However, not everyone knows how to use Memoji. So today Viettel Store will guide you on how to create, duplicate and use Memoji.

1. How to create Memoji in watchOS 7

How to use Memoji in watchOS 7 very simple, but first you need to create Memoji.

– Step 1: on your Apple Watch, go to the Memoji application.

– Step 2: Then click on the “+” to create a new Memoji.

Create a new Memoji

– Step 3: Then you will have many new options like choosing the color of skin, eyes and hair. Just click on each item and then turn the “Digital Crown” button to choose the color you want.

Skin, hair and eye color options for MemojiSkin, hair and eye color options for Memoji

– Step 4: Once completed, the selected items will show you a new Memoji. Here you can touch Memoji to see different expressions.

– Step 5: If you are satisfied with the new Memoji, simply press the “Done” button to finish and add Memoji to your collection.

Complete the creation of a MemojiComplete the creation of a Memoji

2. How to use Memoji in watchOS 7

Edit existing Memoji: To use Memoji in watchOS 7, you need to know how to edit existing Memoji. Open “Memoji” -> go to any 1 Memoji in the collection -> Select items and then rotate the “Digital Crown” button to edit similar to creating Memoji. Once you’re done, click Done to edit your changes.

Memoji edition is availableMemoji edition is available

Cloning Memoji: You can completely duplicate any Memoji in many different copies and then edit each other in a different way. Open the Memoji app -> select 1 Memoji -> drag the menu to the bottom and select “Duplicate”.

Clone a MemojiClone a Memoji

Delete a Memoji: Similar to multiplying, you can choose “Delete” to delete a Memoji.

Delete a MemojiDelete a Memoji

Select Memoji set as watch face wallpaper: This is how to use Memoji in watchOS 7 You should definitely know this because it will create a novelty for your watch. Select 1 Memoji you want to set as wallpaper in the Memoji app -> pull down the menu at the bottom and select “Create watch face”.

Set Memoji as your watch's wallpaperSet Memoji as your watch wallpaper

Once completed, the selected Memoji will become the background image for the watch face. If the watch face doesn’t change, press and hold the watch face and swipe left to select Memoji as the wallpaper.

Memoji has been installed as the clock face wallpaperMemoji has been installed as the clock face wallpaper

Outside how to use Memoji in watchOS 7, you can also add any Memoji to Apple Watch collection via iPhone and then share it with others. Too cool, right. Share with your friends to use this feature together.