Tesla Model S auf einer Landstraße

Tesla can clear: activists occupy the forest

Tesla Model S auf einer Landstraße

The Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin-Brandenburg rejected the complaints of the “Brandenburg Green League” and the “Association for Landscape Management and Species Protection in Bavaria” (VLAB) against the cleanup of the Tesla construction site Thursday night. The reason: “The legal requirements for the early start of construction of the plant [sind] it was rightly stated ”.

This means that there is not much in the way of early logging of the Tesla forest. Except for some activists who initially occupied the forest trees. After several hours, the police finally managed to stop the protest of the two women. These were six to eight meters high between the trees and several ropes had been stretched. The reason is not only the clearing of the forest, but also the upcoming bomb disposal.

By the end of February, 92 of the 155 hectares of Grünheide will disappear. The rest will then be cut in the fall. The schedule here provides for the protection of the forest due to the breeding season.

The approval process is still ongoing

The current compensation is not approved regularly. However, the authorities have agreed to an early cleaning. It can be assumed that the approval process will be positive, and therefore nothing stands in the way of an early start for Tesla. You can file objections to the permit until March. It will be publicly discussed on March 18.

But why does everything have to happen so fast? Tesla is pushing hard on the “Gigafactory” construction project. The American automaker plans to start production in Brandenburg next year. To do this, 12,000 jobs will be created. The production plant is expected to produce around 500,000 cars starting in 2021. Critics see some problems, however. Tesla has to cut down huge amounts of forests and the operations also pose challenges for the environment and infrastructure. According to Handelsblatt, the Grünheide plant will need as much water per day as a city of 60,000 inhabitants.

Tesla is eco-friendly and accommodating

Tesla wants its Gigafactory and is also ready for compromises. So animals and plants are moved out of the forest, which has now been cut down for logging, and a promise is made to reforest a forest three times the size elsewhere.