Gracias a Jamie Dornan: 1. Shades of Grey Hotel

Thanks to Jamie Dornan: 1. Shades of Gray Hotel

Thanks to Jamie Dornan: 1. Shades of Gray Hotel

SM stay

Christina Cascinoon 03/14/2016 | 11:23

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson inspire with their portrayals in “Fifty Shades of Gray” not only couples with unusual sex, but also entrepreneurs with perverse business ideas. A hotelier from Kent, UK, wants to redesign his guesthouse in the style of SM’s story.

“Fifty Shades of Gray” seems to be coming more and more to the reality of life. So apparently Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson did an incredible job bringing the imagination of the writer EL James to life. As a recent study in the “Journal of Sex Research” showed, more than 45 percent of the participants are interested in Mr. Gris’ style sexual practices. You and all the other “Fifty Shades of Gray” fans now even have the right place to experiment: in the laid-back British town of Kent.

As the “Daily Mirror” reports, businessman Jon Huxley wants to remodel his hotel into a wicked place to stay based on the example of SM’s romance. “We want to attract tourists for short visits or a weekend full of adult fun,” says the owner. “Obviously a lot of equipment has to be installed for this, including sex swings and bondage rooms. […] and dungeons ”. Even ‘Mr. Grays’ infamous red room is going to be recreated. It sounds like an establishment where Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson would also register as their “Fifty Shades of Gray” era egos.

Demanding guests welcome

You should not get dirty in the hotel with certain advantages, so the inn is also suitable for normal customers. “Eating and drinking will be part of the all-inclusive package and there will be a civilized and friendly atmosphere,” says Huxley. “The intention is not to start a dirty and shabby business.” Instead, they want to target a respected clientele who simply like to drop the covers and indulge in more unusual sexual varieties.

It seems as if an ingenious businessman wants to jump on the “Fifty Shades of Gray” train and get a piece of the big cake. It remains to be seen if the business model will succeed and attract people like the characters played by Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

Image Source: GettyImages / Ian Gavan