Así de dramático vuelve "Nashville"

That’s how dramatic “Nashville” returns

That's how dramatic it comes back "Nashville"

First teaser

The fifth season of the hit series “Nashville” is awaited by fans. Now a first trailer reveals the return of a favorite of the television format.

He’s back: the first trailer for the fifth season of “Nashville” reveals, among other things, the return of series favorite Hayden Panettiere. After the fate of Juliette Barnes, who played the actress in the hit format, remained uncertain at the end of season four, her whereabouts will soon become clear. The fourth season had reached a veritable suspense when radio contact with Juliette’s plane was cut off.

But the new trailer gives Hayden Panettiere fans more than just hope. The 27-year-old can be seen again as Juliette, who says, “We stick together again so no one sees our broken hearts.” With her, Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten) and country singer Rayna James (Connie Britton) return to “Nashville.”

Why did you leave “Nashville”

Even during the fourth season, fans had to do without Hayden Panettiere aka Juliette Barnes for a long time. This had a very real undertone: After the birth of her daughter in December 2014, the Hollywood beauty suffered from postpartum depression, leading to treatment in October 2015. Another therapy followed in May 2016. Meanwhile, the beauty Hollywood seems to have recovered at least enough to be able to be in front of the camera again. The fifth season of “Nashville,” which – after the series was initially canceled by US broadcaster ABC – will now have a new home on broadcaster CMT, will begin in the US on January 5. German fans must be patient until the summer of 2017.

We hope that Hayden Panettiere can now enjoy her maternal happiness to the fullest and with tears in her eyes we have to wait a little longer until we can once again enjoy the “Nashville” feeling in this country.

Image Source: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown