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That’s how easy it is to lighten dark hair

That's how easy it is to lighten dark hair

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Do you want to give your dark hair a lighter shine? Then you should know in what ways you can lighten your hair and what you should pay attention to so that you get the desired color result.

Lightening dark hair: what you should generally pay attention to

Lightening dark hair is not a piece of cake. Not in vain do bleaches contain bleaching agent, because when lightening the hair, you must first remove the color pigments. It also depends on how dark your hair is and if it still contains traces of a color. You need to be very careful here, otherwise the result will be an unsightly shade of color that you won’t get rid of anytime soon.

Therefore, keep the following in mind:

  • Red pigments in hair will shine again and again if not removed during dyeing. There are special bleaches for natural reddish hair colors that neutralize the yellow tint.
  • Is your hair already dyed? Then it may happen that you get an orange or green tint after bleaching.
  • Stressed hair can be lightened and colored less easily. So take care of your hair regularly beforehand with a treatment or a repair mask.
  • To start with, you should only dye your hair two or three shades lighter for a natural result. Slowly get closer to the desired color and gradually test what goes with your hair.
  • Have you never lightened your hair? If you still want to use bleach, you should definitely do an allergy test beforehand by applying some of the color on your skin and waiting for a day. If your skin is allergic, I would advise against aggressive whitening.

If you want to lighten your dark hair, you can always choose between a pharmacy brightener * and professional hairdressing products, in this case a developer * and a bleaching powder *. If you decide to mix a discoloration with professional products, we will explain in the linked article what is important.

Lightens dark hair with highlights

To give your hair more highlights and make it appear lighter overall, you don’t always have to color everything right away. There are numerous stylish lightening techniques that evoke a completely natural transition from dark to light and are even on-trend. The days of the block’s highlights are definitely a thing of the past with the 90’s and no one wants to look like a zebra.

# Color highlights

You should only color the highlights yourself if you already have a lot of experience in coloring and have a steady hand. Otherwise, I recommend that you go to a hairdresser who is very good at his craft. The easiest way to do this yourself is the foil technique. You really only color individual strands and it doesn’t happen that more hair gets the color you really want. If you are new to this, ask a friend for help. In the video you can see exactly how you should proceed:


Thanks to the balayage technique, you can lighten dark hair in a very natural way. It is nothing more than reflections on the lengths and ends of the hair. The color is painted freehand on the hair with a brush, so that the strands are loose between them and a very nice light shine is created.

The balayage or ombre technique gives your hair lighter accents.


The ombré technique is also very suitable to achieve an initial lightening without dyeing all the hair lighter. You leave the hairline completely out and only color the ends up to the middle of the length of your hair. As a result, your hair becomes increasingly lighter towards the ends and it appears as if it has been bleached by the sun. It is important that you achieve as smooth a color transition as possible from ear height to tips. If you don’t trust yourself to do this, let your hairdresser do your first ombré hairstyle.


The extravagant trend is a mix of the two mentioned. The method is very similar to the balayage technique, except that special foils are used here to facilitate coloring. Then all your hair shines with a lighter shine and you have the great advantage of not having to re-color your roots every few weeks.

Lighten dark hair with a dye?

Lightening dark hair with a dye is almost impossible. Because the dyes contain very little hydrogen peroxide. That means they don’t remove old color pigments, they are just put on top of the paint. You can give dark blonde or brown hair a shine of red or black by coloring it without any problem. However, it is difficult to use it to lighten dark hair. The color result is actually better with correct bleaching. Here you need to make sure to only color a few shades lighter and repeat everything after a few weeks. Otherwise, you will hardly see the difference.

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Lighten dark hair with home remedies

Of course, you also have other options to give your hair a lighter shine instead of reaching into the chemical box: try natural home lightening remedies such as baking powder, chamomile tea, or lemon juice. Especially those who are prone to allergies and have sensitive skin should be careful with chemical agents. Of course, you won’t get a new hair color this way, but you can get a pretty natural look.

Did you know that there are more than 14 shades of blonde? Choose your personal favorite color accent that best matches your complexion.

If you want to lighten dark hair, I recommend using one of the gentler natural techniques, such as highlights or balayage. When you are comfortable with lighter hair, you can increase the color accents or move on to dyeing all of your hair. It is important that you take care of your hair after rinsing, for example with Olaplex. A healthy hair structure is also part of a radiant hair shine, as any form of bleaching or lightening is very stressful on the hair.