Es por eso "Aladino" una nominación al Oscar tan buena como en tu bolsillo

That’s why "Aladdin" an Oscar nomination as good as in your pocket

That's why "Aladdin" an Oscar nomination as good as in your pocket

Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin” has been showing in German cinemas for a week. So there is still a while for the Oscars 2020, but we already dare to say: The Disney remake will surely have a nomination!

The real-life adaptation of the Disney classic “Aladdin” was demonized by many beforehand, including Will Smith as a genius, but it didn’t turn out very well. But “Aladdin” positively surprised many viewers. User comments under our reviews also partly reflect this. So we are talking about one “Coherent and entertaining film”whose musical interludes sometimes give you goosebumps and even “A little better than the original” be. We believe that the film will not only be well received by many viewers, but it will also play a role in the 92nd Academy Awards early next year.

Naomi Scott sings “Speechless”

As usual in a classic Disney movie, the new edition of “Aladdin” also includes some vocal parts. Among all the new interpretations of songs from the 1992 original, the new song stands out: “Speechless”. The ballad, written by Alan Menken and sung by Jasmin actress Naomi Scott (“Power Rangers”), definitely has what it takes to be an Oscar, for several reasons …

Old Master Alan Menken’s Disney Magic

That the song is just great, but also exudes good Disney magic, is not surprising. After all, the song was written by none other than Alan Menken, and it has also delivered fantastic songs for “Beauty and the Beast”, “Arielle the Mermaid”, “Pocahontas” or “Rapunzel – New Spoiled”. So man knows how to do it and that is why he has been showered with Oscars for the past three decades: He already has eight golden boys at home. And the chances are not bad that a ninth will be added in 2020.

Classic Oscar favorite

Whether you like a song (or a movie) or not is always a matter of taste. Regardless of her own feelings, “Speechless” is also characterized by its meaning in terms of content: the new Jasmin remains a classic Disney princess in her royal clothes and with her charming singing voice, with statements (translated) like “I will not be silenced” Y “I will not let myself be broken” but also stronger than ever. An obvious statement in favor of emancipation that could hardly be more appropriate at a time when women still earn less than men for the same work.

This factor could also play a role for the Oscar, by the way, as it’s well known that films that address social grievances or other socially relevant issues also have a good chance of being nominated in the top categories. So “Speechless” isn’t just a beautiful song by a veteran songwriter, but it will probably already be the hottest Oscar nominee in the best song category next year.

The German version “Speechless”

In addition to the movie itself, the title track is of course not only available in English, but also in a German version. In this country, the piece, which incidentally consists of two parts, was called “I will never shut up” translated and sung by Julia Scheeser. To compare with the original, you can also listen to the local translation here: