Es por eso que deberías "Chica en el tren" de ninguna manera mires

That’s why you should "Girl on the train" no way look

That's why you should "Girl on the train" no way look

ProSieben shows “The Girl On The Train” today (June 2, 2019) at 8:15 pm, but there are several reasons NOT to tune in to the thriller with Emily Blunt…

Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt has become a true fan of the crowd in recent years, be it as an evil soldier in “Edge Of Tomorrow”, as a tough investigator in “Sicario” or as a fabulous babysitter. in “The Return of Mary Poppins.” But even the best and most successful actors can end up in a bad movie. And that is exactly why we advise you today: Better not tune in when “The Girl on the Train” is on ProSieben at 8:15 pm today.

Boring and unintentionally strange

With “Girl On The Train” a thriller was created in 2016, which is known as “the next ,Girl is gone‘” was promoted. Paula Hawkins’ adaptation of the novel could only lose then, because what David Fincher did shortly before with Gillian Flynn’s bestseller was not only incredibly successful, but also simply masterful. Comparison to this mysterious masterpiece alone should not only have meant increased bookstore sales for “Girl On The Train,” but at the same time it certainly played a role in the filming. In the cinema, however, the great disappointment continued.

While “Gone Girl” got the highest score in FILMSTARTS review, “The Girl On The Train” is the only “Boring for a long time and then leads to an unintentionally funny ending”, not even average: “A solid Emily Blunt and a surprising twist: that’s all” Girl On The Train “has to offer.”

The FILMSTARTS Review for “Girl On The Train”

Cut in ProSieben

According to FSK, you can “The dark and mysterious atmosphere of the film and the drastic individual scenes of violence overwhelm children under the age of 16”which results in a corresponding age classification starting at 16 years old. However, since the ProSieben transmits the film at the most attractive transmission time, that is, at 8.15 p.m., the scissors should be used for this. Because 16er movies can only be run in their uncut version on the screens from 10pm

So if you tune in tonight, you will not only get a poor movie, but it will also be presented in a modified form. After all, there is still a full replay on Sunday through Monday night at 12:10 am