Los 5 mejores rituales a la hora de dormir para tu bebé

The 5 best bedtime rituals for your baby

The 5 best bedtime rituals for your baby

Baby sleep rituals for day and night.

Babies cannot yet distinguish between day and night and therefore wake up every two to three hours at night.

The right environment to sleep during the day: It is not necessary to darken the room during the day. You also don’t have to climb to the top once your baby sleeps. Noises are allowed and show your little one that it is daytime.

The right environment to sleep at night: Create a dark atmosphere and avoid loud noises. A bedtime ritual also helps. Help babies understand when it is time to go to bed. At about four to six weeks, your child adjusts to a rhythm of day and night. This means that you usually get tired and fall asleep at the same time each night.

It is important to put your baby to sleep while he is tired but has not yet fallen asleep.

5 tips to get your baby to sleep

Sleep rituals look different for each baby. The important thing is to repeat it step by step every night. becomes. This is the only way you can be sure that your baby will get used to the process.

Take your time and find out together what works best. Some babies like to be massaged before falling asleep, while others like music. You can also combine several variants.

Here are five ways you can create your baby’s sleep ritual.

Many of us grew up listening to good night songs. Songs are one of the most popular sleep routines for babies. It can be a soothing tune on a music box or you can sing a song to your child yourself. Either “La-Le-Lu” or “Sleep, sleep child.” Parents’ voices can have a calming effect on the baby and make him feel safe. Also “white noise”It can help your baby fall asleep.

The little ones also like to be pampered. You can bathe your baby in warm water once or twice a week. You can also apply a body lotion to it. On bath days, your baby enjoys a baby oil massage. Touch gives you security and at the same time reinforces the bond between parents and children.

  • The bedtime story

Your baby may not understand much yet, but bedtime stories can have a calming effect. This is because your baby is familiar with your voice. You can tell your everyday life, read a book, or even make up a story. Your beloved not only rest, but you can also disconnect.

If your baby has spent the whole day in everyday clothes, you will notice a difference from comfortable pajamas. The fabric feel and comfort signal to your baby that it is time for bed.

No matter what the bedtime ritual is like, hugs are a must. Babies rest and relax through close physical contact. Not only does he sense your warmth and presence, your scent also plays a role.

Good condition

a firm mattress

matching baby clothes (not too hot, not too cold)

dark room

Temperature between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius

enough time and rest

Be careful when breastfeeding. Although your baby is close to you during breastfeeding and also feels fine, it is only suitable to a limited extent as a sleep ritual. This can create difficulties during the weaning phase. Other other rituals are more suitable, especially if your child is older.

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