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The 7 Deadly Sins of Hair Care

Beauty killer

Humans are creatures of habit. Sometimes we just do things without question, simply because we have always done it that way. Taking care of our hair is no exception. We have listed the 7 biggest sins for you in hair care, which are part of the daily beauty routine for many of us, but which you should avoid if you want your head to stay shiny and healthy.

1. Too little care

We don’t need to say much about that. Those who do not care enough or care less about their hair should not be surprised if they become brittle and split. The right shampoo for your hair type, a good hair treatment here and there, as well as regular visits to the hairdresser to cut the ends, should definitely be included if you want to do without neglected plush toys.

2. Too much maintenance

Even if it is very exemplary if you want to take good care of your hair: you can go overboard when it comes to care! Too much hairspray will glue your hair down and make your hairstyle look like a concrete block. Too much conditioner leaves hair hanging in clumps. And even the touted hair oil is a natural beauty booster for your dry mane, but too much clogs the hair cuticle so that it can no longer breathe. You can iron out many of these mishaps by washing your hair again (preferably with a sulfate-free cleansing shampoo). If you did too well with the hairspray, brushing your hair well again is often enough.

3. Combing hair incorrectly

A brush is not an excavator! Therefore, knotted and tousled hair should not be pulled with much pressure from root to tip until the knots literally break. In doing so, it damages the hair where it is actually still healthy and flexible or even pulls it out. Instead, go from the bottom up, strand by strand, and hold onto your shaggy mane.

4. Straightens hair incorrectly

You’ve probably known for a long time that constant straightening is not good for your hair. Plus, it won’t surprise you that you should use a heat protection spray. But the fact that you can smooth out the good and the bad could be new information for you. Always make sure your hair is dry. The straightening iron should never be higher than 200 degrees and the lower it can be adjusted to get the desired result, the better. However, you shouldn’t have to go through each individual strand more often than necessary, or even have to stay in place with the hot iron to achieve a smooth result. Because that makes hair unnecessarily tight. So if you notice that you have to readjust several times, it is better to adjust the temperature a little more. An alternative to this would be to divide your hair into even smaller sections in the future, which can also be straightened faster.

5. Wash every day

Unfortunately, daily washing is not an option either. While many women feel like they’re walking around with dirty hair after just a day without shampooing their hair, daily washing, shampooing, and blow-drying strip hair of its natural protective film and can lead to dryness, itchiness on the scalp and even dandruff. So try to avoid washing as often as possible. With a little patience, your hair will soon get used to your new beauty routine and it will become less greasy.

6. Hair ties too tight

Life without a hair tie? Inconceivable! The little ribbons make all kinds of beautiful hairstyles possible in the first place and keep the pesky rug out of our faces in summer, while we sleep, in the wind, or on a bad hair day. Unfortunately, the downside to practical hair accessories is that they can damage our hair. While a tightly tied high ponytail looks really classy, ​​the tied strap cuts through the hair shaft and pulls hair follicles from the roots. Cloth-sheathed headbands, as they were mostly used in the 80s and 90s, are a hair-friendly alternative, but they have also gone out of style entirely. If you want to go a bit more with the trend and still want to do without damaged hair, you should use an invisibobble, for example. The headband, similar to a telephone cord, is wider than a conventional headband and hugs your hair without applying too much pressure. The twisted shape of the invisibobble keeps your hairstyle in place. Another solution that is gentle on your hair is to tie it back with a silk or cotton ribbon.

7. Rub dry hair

After showering, most women quickly grab their terry towel and rub their damp hair to speed up the drying process. But the friction and hard material of most towels make your hair rough and that in turn makes it brittle. After showering, you should be very careful to squeeze your wet mane with your hands. Instead of a towel, wear a soft cotton t-shirt. Not only does this protect the hair structure, it also absorbs much more water than a towel, so your hair dries faster.

Did you know that all these habits are true beauty killers when it comes to the health of your hair? If not, you should refrain from these care sins from now on and you will quickly notice that your hair will thank you for a more beautiful and cared for appearance.

Image source: iStock / yuriyzhuravov, iStock / grinvalds