The Alm en ProSieben esta noche

The Alm at ProSieben tonight

The Alm at ProSieben tonight

Promischweiß and edelweiss

wantedthe 23/08/2011 | 18:07

Tonight at 10:15 pm you can again see more or less prominent people at ProSieben trading themselves between cow dung and forks.

The Alm’s verifier with the moderators Daniel Aminati and Janine Kunze.

South Tyrol’s answer to the Australian jungle from RTL is available on ProSieben since Saturday. In “Die Alm – Promischweiß und Edelweiß”, nine German celebrities move to a lonely mountain retreat and try to lead a life far from the luxury of civilization. Tasks like baking bread, cleaning the barn, and milking cows are on the agenda. This year, “Die Alm” is home to celebrities like top model candidate Gina-Lisa Lohfink, former soccer coach Werner Lorant and DSDS checker Thomas Karaoglan.

The Alm with Janine Kunze and Daniel Aminati

The entire show is moderated by Janine Kunze and Daniel Aminati, who dress in traditional costumes especially for “Die Alm” and comment on the tasks and lives of celebrities. Tonight, too, the ProSieben Alpenglow will be exciting. Of course, tears, arguments and flirting are not neglected. So it will be interesting to see what happens to Gina-Lisa, the Checker and Co. tonight at 10:15 pm “The Alm” has it all.

Image source: ProSieben