El Alm - el final

The Alm – the end

The Alm - the end

Celebrity Program on ProSieben

wantedthe 09/03/2011 | 14:55

Janine Kunze and Daniel Aminati present tonight the final of “Die Alm” in Pro7

Two weeks ago, eight more or less well-known celebrities moved into a lonely cabin in the mountains of South Tyrol. With no running water and no electricity, they tried to manage as self-sufficient. They weren’t always successful and Gina-Lisa Lohfink even had to quit early due to health problems. Now it’s done and “Die Alm” is coming to an end. But this also raises the question of who has what it takes to win “Die Alm”, because there can only be one winner and therefore only one king or queen over “Die Alm”.

“El Alm” was a great challenge for its candidates

The winner will be chosen by the public and Janine Kunze and Daniel Aminati will be able to announce the good news as moderating duo. At the same time, they take one last, brooding look at the last two weeks on Alm and show how difficult it was for celebrities there.

ProSieben shows the ending of “Die Alm” tonight. The mountain show starts at 8.15pm. Then we can be curious as to who will become Almkönig or Almkönigin.

Image source: gettyimages