The Bachelor: Alissa espera una carrera televisiva

The Bachelor: Alissa hopes for a television career

The Bachelor: Alissa hopes for a television career

Television career

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Alissa won the dome show “The Bachelor”, but ultimately not Jan’s heart. However, the “Der Bachelor” candidate is now known throughout Germany and would like to take advantage of publicity to work hard on her television career.

Alissa prevailed in the dome show “The Bachelor” against 20 beautiful women who could not have been more different. She got the last rose, but apparently Jan Kralitschka couldn’t do her justice after all. At least after the filming of “The Bachelor”, the “great love” quickly ended. Now the 25-year-old wants to succeed in show business: Alissa is planning a diverse television career.

“The Bachelor”: Alissa and Jan Kralitschka’s relationship didn’t last long

Alissa spoke to “” about her future plans, which she sees mostly in front of the camera. For example, the winner of “The Bachelor” can imagine hosting a cooking show. But Alissa is also open to action. “They love movies, maybe,” admitted the brunette, in view of their failed relationship, with a bit of irony. “Now I go to work with all my energy,” Alissa Harout said euphorically. After all, the winner of “The Bachelor” now really wants to accelerate her career. Alissa is still thinking about the sudden end of love with Jan Kralitschka: “He really didn’t want to meet me,” the dark-haired beauty recalls, disappointed.. “For me it was the first love sickness of my life.”

“The Bachelor”: Alissa gets something positive from the show

Although the fairytale relationship between Alissa and Jan didn’t end well after “The Bachelor,” Alissa now wants to act in love movies. Possibly to at least be able to live a love story with a happy ending in front of the camera. But even with “The Bachelor,” Alissa has really been looking for a dream man, by her own admission. The media hype, on the other hand, was not at all important to her: “I didn’t want to be known or get more assignments,” Alissa says. However, it became known in this country through the broadcast. Therefore, Alissa can get something positive from her participation in “The Bachelor”, even if she finally had to let go of the man of her dreams: “It was already worth it.”

We’re excited to see if we’ll see Alissa on camera again soon. We definitely treat Alissa with a fairytale relationship with a happy ending.

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