The Bachelor: Alissa está devastada

The Bachelor: Alissa is devastated

The Bachelor: Alissa is devastated

Sad breakup

wantedon 03/01/2013 | 15:24

In the end, the last rose went to her: Alissa. The Bachelor had decided on the only 25-year-old and for both of them the search for the dream partner seemed to be over. But the Bachelor parted ways with Alissa after just a few weeks, which she hardly seems to be able to cope with.

The Bachelor ended the relationship with Alissa with the words: “I can’t get that butterfly feeling I was in Cape Town“.

The Bachelor couldn’t find the woman of his dreams on the show

While the bachelor drew a clear line, it seems A whole world collapsed for Alissa when the relationship ended. On her Facebook page, the winner of “The Bachelor” posted: “I don’t want anyone to be able to feel for a moment what is happening to me or how I feel. I have sleepless nights all the time and I wonder because all that … “

Does the Bachelor already have a new one?

When I fall asleep it is with tears because the pain is too deep to have lost someone I trusted and I gave my heart. I try to distract myself but it still reaches meAlissa wrote about the pain the Bachelor inflicted on her. Additional Salt in the wound It could be the fact that the Bachelor is supposed to be back with his ex-girlfriend and mother of their three-year-old daughter, Ann-Kristin B.

One can only hope that Alissa her pain is gone soon and that she finds something positive again from her time on “The Bachelor.”

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