The Bachelor: Alissa sigue creyendo en el amor

The Bachelor: Alissa Still Believes In Love

After “The Bachelor”

wantedon 03/19/2013 | 11:49

It could have been so cute: at the grand finale of “The Bachelor,” bachelor Jan Kralitschka presented candidate Alissa with the latest rose. But instead of floating on cloud nine with Jan, the beautiful 25-year-old hit the ground with particular force after the shooting ended. Shortly after the end of “The Bachelor”, the relationship with Jan Kralitschka fell through.

The harsh rejection Alissa received after her appearance on “The Bachelor,” however, did not rob the model of her faith in love. Instead, the dark-haired beauty continues to search for the man of her dreams. “Yes, of course I still believe in great love. Believing in dreams is very important because, as is known, hope dies in the end “explained Alissa, who became famous through “The Bachelor,” in an interview with “OK!”

The Bachelor: Alissa is still looking for the man of her dreams

Her appearance on “The Bachelor” could definitely help her. After all, not only Jan Kralitschka became aware of Alissa’s existence during the RTL dome show. “I get some love letters, messages and calls. Now, of course, it is even more difficult to meet a man, because often you cannot tell if he is interested in me as a person or simply because he was on television, “said the 25-year-old about the particular problems with which has to fight after his time on “The Bachelor.”

The Bachelor: Alissa has no contact with Jan

On the other hand, Alissa broke contact with Jan Kralitschka after the tears she shed on “The Bachelor.” However, there is no grudge between the two former lovebirds. “I am happy that he is so successful and I wish him all the best”, Alissa showed impressive strength to “OK!” Magazine. She herself would like to use the media attention that has arisen during her time at “Der Bachelor” to further establish herself in the fashion industry. “I will continue to pursue my passion as a model, but I also look forward to my new endeavors,” Alissa said of her future plans.

We are very happy that Alissa has survived the difficult phase after the public split on “The Bachelor” so well, and we are curious to see what her new projects will look like.

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