The Bachelor: contratos alternativos de los candidatos revelados

The Bachelor: Alternative Contracts of Candidates Revealed

Strict rules!

Everything is allowed in love and in war, it is said that the French Emperor Napoleon once established. That should also apply perfectly to “The Bachelor,” where 20 single women compete with each other to find the love of their lives (or to become influencer). But it is the exact opposite! Because there are very strict rules for dating show candidates!

The newspaper “Bild” would like to know what kind of gag contracts the 20 girls were supposed to sign before filming began. These are the 5 most exciting and strange rules:

# 1 No hassle!

I beg your pardon? Aren’t you a bitch? But that’s half the fun of watching “Bachelor”! However, according to “Bild”, it should be contractually stipulated that candidates cannot insult, yell at or look at each other. Was there any RTL issue from the discussion of the candidates after the towel door in the second episode?

# 2 No cell phones!

Cell phones, tablets, phone calls, and all social media activities must remain prohibited for candidates at all times in the house. It also makes sense, after all, no one wants to be accidentally spoiled by women and find out before the end of the show who had to go and which candidate was Andrej’s lucky pick.

# 3 The sex clause

As attentive viewers of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” know, the sexy union is a welcome addition to both dating formats. Not surprisingly, date nights are more than desirable. And if we remember the last season with Daniel Völz, it went pretty well (so… supposedly!).

However, if it is more than an innocent goodnight kiss, candidates must take responsibility for their actions. According to “Bild”, the contract establishes that whoever “establishes intimate contact during production between themselves and other people and the associated health risks” does so at their own risk. After all, it is no different in real life.

# 4 The rates

While it was rumored last season that candidates would be paid for “Bachelor’s” participation based on its market value, “Bild” now claims to have learned something different. In fact, instead of a fee, there should only be one expense allowance for all participants. This is based on operating costs, which each candidate must meticulously demonstrate: the amount of rent, insurance contributions, and other operating elements.

So you won’t get rich from that, but candidates aren’t looking for a lot of money either, but a lot of love. And fame.

# 5 That happens when you break a contract

If a candidate does not adhere to these agreements, RTL supposedly reserves the right to exclude her from the show as a sanction or even to impose a kind of fine of up to 5,000 euros.

By the way: This is what the former Rosenkavaliers do today from the 1st to the 8th season …

Wow, those would be really tough contracts! We do not want to be in the shoes of those who passed the contract to the newspaper “Bild” – breaching the contract in this way will surely result in much higher penalties. And now tell us: What do you think of the supposed gag contracts that the candidates have to sign? Do you find the rules sensible or too strict?