The Bachelor: Angelina está molesta por sus ataques de celos

The Bachelor: Angelina is upset by her jealousy attacks

The Bachelor: Angelina is upset by her bouts of jealousy

The Bachelor

wantedon 02/14/2014 | 13:44

Angelina was very lucky to land the coveted first solo date on “The Bachelor.” But at the latest, when Christian showed interest in the other pretty contestants, jealousy was filled with jealousy in the blonde. Meanwhile, Angelina’s jealous demeanor on “The Bachelor” has almost become her trademark. She really wants to show herself from a completely different side.

For Angelina it could have been love at first sightwhen he met Christian Tews on “The Bachelor.” Even the Rosenkavalier didn’t seem reluctant and it would actually be almost a perfect love story, if it weren’t for the other women on “The Bachelor”!

The Bachelor: Angelina really doesn’t need to be jealous

Actually, Angelina should have expected it to be “The Bachelor” a competitive situation will arise. Without a doubt, he was clear in advance that his competitors would not miss a thing if Christian gave them the opportunity. But apparently Angelina had to discover that it is actually much more difficult to keep emotions in check than in theory. Her jealous demeanor on “The Bachelor” has apparently made her think a lot lately. Through Facebook, he asked his loyal followers for advice: “As you learned from me last week, my annoying jealousy at Bachelor’s is getting on my nerves. What you think? Will that be my downfall now?Asked the “Bachelor” candidate in question.The Bachelor: Angelina is plagued with doubts

Angelina seems to watch episodes of “The Bachelor” regularly and analyze both her own behavior and that of Christian and the other women. Although her 131,000 Facebook fans repeatedly cheer her on, she has to face criticism and feline terror on the show.. Obviously, it’s easy for viewers to label Angelina’s jealousy as excessive and inappropriate. But the 22-year-old knows from her time on “Der Bachelor” that the situation is very different live. “Get in this situation first and know what’s really going on before you get insulting!” Angelina now defended her critics on Facebook.

Angelina would surely feel more comfortable without his jealousy. But anyone who has ever been in a similar situation knows how difficult it is to control those feelings. And to be honest: what would “The Bachelor” be without a bit of jealousy?

Image Source: Facebook / Angelina Heger – The Bachelor 2014