The Bachelor: ¡En las semifinales se pasa la noche con dos mujeres!

The Bachelor: In the semifinals he spends the night with two women!

The Bachelor: In the semifinals he spends the night with two women!

The dates of dreams

wantedthe 04/03/2014 | 17:34

There are only three women left in this year’s season of “The Bachelor.” So he’s getting serious for Christian Tews, in the episode, but he has to award the last rose. But first tomorrow, Wednesday, the Bachelor and his chosen ones will go on dream dates, which will lead to a romantic night for two of the ladies …

Tomorrow Wednesday will take place the semifinals of “The Bachelor” 2014. Three women are still in the race, only two of whom will get a rose in the next episode. To decide which two women they are, Christian Tews takes Susi, Angelina and Katja on three unforgettable dream dates. Of course, the bachelor’s degree is also very close in the semifinals and up to two of the candidates can share a bed with him. 28-year-old Katja can look forward to a date in the Maldives, as they bathe together in the sea, she and Christian quickly get closer. Afterward, a romantic dinner on a three-story luxury yacht will tempt you. After the night together, Katja finds it “very, very difficult to say goodbye”.

The Bachelor: Which of the three women will receive a rose this time?

However, it is the turn of the favorite Angelina to have the date of her dreams. Bachelor Christian takes the 22-year-old on a snow tour in Sweden, after which the two warm up again around a campfire. They enjoy a glass of champagne in a log cabin in the middle of the forest and then quickly zoom into the whirlpool. Angelina also makes the bachelor offer to spend the night with him. Will she accept it?

“The Bachelor”: Does Susi Finally Get Involved In Your Advances?From cold Sweden, Christian continues to Jordan, where an exotic dream date with the Spanish Susi awaits him. In addition to a hot air balloon ride together, the two of you can go on a horseback ride on camels. “I will do my best to convince Christian of me on this unique date”the 27-year-old blonde explains her approach. Does that mean that she and Christian will contact against her mother’s advice? And which of the three women will walk away empty-handed on the seventh night of the roses? Because unfortunately a candidate for “The Bachelor” will have to be satisfied with the thankless third place.

It’s getting more and more exciting in this year’s “The Bachelor” season. The fact that Christian Tews is sharing a bed with two candidates in tomorrow’s episode shouldn’t please women. However, it is not long before the bachelor’s degree no longer has to divide its attention on several women and can fully focus on the chosen one.

Image Source: RTL