The Bachelor: ¿enfermedad de amor preprogramada?

The Bachelor: Pre-programmed love sickness?

The Bachelor: preprogrammed love sickness?

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wantedon 05.03.2014 | 17:03

“The Bachelor” is entering the hot phase: Only three women are still fighting for Christian Tews, but does he have a chance with the chosen ones or does fate strike mercilessly? As it is now known, the bachelor was looking for a great love on a television show in 2011.

22 beautiful women fighting for a man: this scenario is not about a Hollywood movie, but the television format “The Bachelor.” Since the end of January, Christian Tews has been flirting and kissing as much as he can and hopes to find the woman of his dreams with “Der Bachelor.” But who would have thought that the bachelor’s degree was looking for the right person on German television as early as 2011?

The Bachelor: Do you finally find your great love?

As it became known today, the bachelor participated in a dating edition of the contest program “The perfect minute”, in which he won “only” 25,000 euros and not the heart of his playmate. Bad omens for the upcoming ending of “The Bachelor”? Will the bachelor leave the show heartbroken again this time or will he pick the right one out of the three finalists: Susi, Katja or Angelina?

Bachelor Candidate Annoyed Jessica

The fact that the Bachelor could not convince all the candidates has become evident in recent weeks: his kisses were rejected and the roses were not accepted. But above all, candidates who have not received a Christian Tews rose harbor a deep resentment against the Bachlor, like Jessica, who in an interview with “” is now duly divided against the employer: “El Bachelor was a coward anyway. Anyone who can’t deal with a real woman like me can scratch the curves. ” The 23-year-old suspects that Bachelor has eliminated her due to her feminine curves, and now she’s clearly venting her anger.

It will soon be decided whether the BA will be luckier this year than its predecessors Paul Janke and Jan Kralitschka; tonight, the semifinals are the program’s dream dates. Hopefully, the bachelor has already recovered from his 2011 dating show dilemma …

Image Source: Facebook / Christian Tews