"The Bachelor": ¡Sebastian y Denise-Jessica ya se conocen!

“The Bachelor”: Sebastian and Denise-Jessica already meet!

"The Bachelor": Sebastian and Denise-Jessica already meet!


When they met in the first episode of “The Bachelor,” they suspected nothing, but now, in episode 2, it comes to light: the single Sebastian and the candidate Denise-Jessica have a history!

Sebastian doesn’t seem to remember that completely. It wasn’t until Denise-Jessica asked her about it before the second Night of the Roses that she realized about the 29-year-old. In a face-to-face conversation between the two, she first reveals to him that she would have known the first night, but did not dare to tell him that the two had met before in Munich, their common home.

Sebastian initially reacts surprised and says in the interview: “I’ve never seen her before in my life!” But then Denise-Jessica comes out: apparently they were already together at the Eisbach in the English Garden when Sebastian was dating a friend of hers. But Bachelor still seems confused, but when he hears the name “Estelle” it seems to ring. Denise-Jessica then goes on to say that she too would have been there with her then boyfriend and their dog.

A strange situation to meet? No! Both decide that it is not a problem for them and Denise-Jessica even goes so far as to say: “Fate gave us a second chance”.

But he has yet to prevail against these women:

But suddenly Sebastian still remembers something. His date told him something about Jessica-Denise at the time, but unfortunately he can’t remember what exactly it was anymore. “That really turns my head, but I’ll get to it later,” he says. We are excited to see if there will be another great reveal here!

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