The Bachelor: Allá y lejos de Leonie Rosella

The Bachelor: There and Away from Leonie Rosella

The Bachelor: There and Away from Leonie Rosella

Four ladies left

Thorsten trederon 02/25/2016 | 14:59

Only four candidates continue to compete for “Der Bachelor”: Denise, Leonie, Daniela and Leonie Rosella. Everyone can look forward to a family date with Leonard Freier, including mom and dad, of course. Especially Leonie Rosella seems to have done the Rosenkavalier.

Has the winner of “The Bachelor” already been determined? Leonard Freier seems to have had a real fool out of the pretty and naturally blonde Leonie Rosella. Recently, the 22-year-old from Heidelberg was able to expect special treatment from the coveted bachelor. He surprised her with an early red rose, while the rest of the participants had to worry about the actual delivery. Apparently, Bachelor is at least as convinced of the young woman as Leonie Rosella of herself. “I don’t flirt, I conquer,” he explained in a preliminary interview with RTL, apparently he also seems to be having success with Leonard.

Has the bachelor taken a look at Leonie Rosella?

As a result, on Wednesday night, single Leonie Rosella broke up and took her to a private island for a few hours of bonding. At the pool, the two lovebirds got closer and closer personally. After a deep kiss, the showgirl was even persuaded to stay the night. However, the meeting was by no means purely romantic, Leonard Freier and Leonie Rosella also discussed a serious matter: the age difference of almost nine years between them and the 31-year-old Berlin businessman. But the night together brought the redeeming realization, at least on Leonard’s part, “that the age difference between the two of us probably doesn’t play such a big role.”

The offense is not rewarded

While Bachelor was enjoying the caresses with Leonie Rosella, another candidate could not score with her offensive approach. Anni decided to bravely ask for a kiss during the Night of the Roses. She got it from the supposedly sympathetic bachelor, but in the end the kiss should backfire on her. “I don’t know how that felt about her, I definitely know how that felt about me, and that will definitely influence my decision tonight,” Leonard Freier said after two kisses. He sent Anni home.

It seems that the Berlin native is already showing a certain amount of calculation when looking for the woman of his dreams. We are excited to see how family reunions in Germany will continue next week.

Image Source: RTL

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