"The Bachelor": ¿Podrá Mona volver a desenamorarse de nuevo?

“The Bachelor”: Will Mona be able to fall out of love again?

"The Bachelor": Will Mona be able to fall out of love again?

Feelings remain

wantedon 02/26/2013 | 13:14

Mona from “The Bachelor” was heartbroken. Instead of her, Jan Kralitschka surprisingly chose Alissa. The feelings of Mona, who confessed to Bachelor shortly before the decision, have not yet faded, she confessed in an interview with “Focus.”

Jan Kralitschka had to choose between Mona and Alissa for “The Bachelor.” In the end, he spoke to Mona first and let the two of them go over all the wonderful moments. At this point, Mona is absolutely convinced that she is the one chosen by Jan.

Mona fell completely in love with the bachelor Jan

After looking back, “The Bachelor” Jan Kralitschka surprised the confident Mona by confessing that he had decided on Alissa: “And when later I heard his declaration of love and you can see it, as I believed minute by minute that he feels the same as me and I receive the rose, this phrase came, he would not have fallen in love with me.. That was very, very bad for me. “Mona confesses in an interview with “Focus”. It seems that Mona really fell in love with Jan Kralitschka: “I had to cry again. I experienced everything exactly like this, these are my true feelings ““The Bachelor” finalist says of “The Bachelor – After the Last Rose.”

Mona can’t just suppress her feelings for being single.

The reunion with Jan on the final broadcast of “Der Bachelor” was not easy for Mona: “The last time I saw him, he told me that he hadn’t fallen in love with me. That’s why the encounter really shook me again… “The beautiful Swiss is said to have said in an interview. So Mona still has feelings for single Jan even after the show.Nothing less because she had to meet him again. “The charisma naturally brought out all the feelings. But I needed my time and now I’m fine again, ”explains Mona, who is probably still in love.

We got to know Mona on “The Bachelor” as a tough woman who will definitely go her own way, even without Jan! It is quite normal that feelings do not suddenly fade. We wish dear Mona all the best for the future and we hope that she too will soon find the man of her dreams!

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