"The Bachelor": Wioleta se hace pasar por una piña en Aldi

“The Bachelor”: Wioleta pretends to be a pineapple at Aldi

Promotional photos

Wioleta is currently fighting quite successfully for the heart of bachelor Sebastian Preuss. The candidate is considered the absolute favorite among the spectators. When the Münster native is not looking for great love at the RTL dome show, she works as a model. These days, you can apparently admire her in Aldi as the advertising face of a pineapple costume.

“I work as a model.” When we hear such a statement, we probably all automatically think of the catwalks of high-end brands like Dior, Gucci or Fendi. Or the women who pose in the catalogs of fashion houses like H&M or Zara. But of course, the model’s work doesn’t just have this glamorous side. Sometimes it also means: impersonating a pineapple for discounted products. At least the candidate Wioleta has now been spotted by “Bachelor” fans at the table rummaging through Aldi:

Other images show Wio dressed as a frog and in a leopard coat, always with a male model.

Discounts haven’t been embarrassing for a long time

The fact that celebrity-discount store cooperation is now commonplace shows you don’t have to be ashamed of photos. Wioleta’s ex-model mother, Heidi Klum, for example, has designed an entire fashion collection for Lidl, Günter Jauch sells wine at Aldi, Sander Nena is the Penny brand ambassador… the list is long.

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