"The Bachelorette": 4 momentos de vergüenza del episodio 5

“The Bachelorette”: 4 moments of shame from episode 5

"The Bachelorette": 4 moments of shame from episode 5

Just brrr!

We already know that the candidates for “Bachelorette Party” are sometimes unbearable and that their macho sayings are often wrong. In episode 5, too, the remaining nine men did their best not to miss any missteps. Five situations in particular made us blush with shame …

# 1 Eddy takes pride in his abstinence from masturbation

When the RTL team asks the guys how things are really going on their, well, carnal desires, most candidates laugh in embarrassment. Only Eddy proudly proclaims as Oskar: “I haven’t touched myself in 22 days … I never thought it would feel so good not to masturbate.” Too much information.

# 2 The consistency is different …

Eddy again… Before the group date, announce out loud: “Even if she invites me, I won’t go!” Two minutes later, the candidates receive a video message from Nadine. He would like to talk to Eddy and Brian so that he can face them in peace. And Eddy likes this: “Okay, I’m going.”

So he really had to go. And home. Well Eddy: If you complain, you fly.

# 3 Brian wrote a poem

During the aforementioned individual interview, Brian and Eddy are supposed to convince Nadine that they shouldn’t be sent home just yet. Brian’s Tactic: He prepared a little poem. With rhymes that would make any third grader raise his eyebrows in contempt. Here is our memory register:

You’re my choice, but you don’t care, that’s agony, blablabla number. You’re so close to me, that’s wonderful, something dangerous.


Pure shame of others. And at the same time somehow childish and sweet.

# 4 Jorgo is a bad loser

On the Night of the Roses, candidate Jorgo is visibly pissed off that he didn’t get a chance to get close to the bachelorette party. His brilliant idea: tackle the situation before anyone else. Nadine takes him out of the group and honestly explains that she is not very attracted to her kind.

At first Jorgo gives the impression that he wants to accept his wink with the fence post, even if it is bent. But as soon as the two are back in the group, round 2 begins: “How can you be in Greece, have a Greek with you and not pick some individual dates with him?” Yes. The logic is, of course, impressive …

Of course, Jorgo got none of that. Nadine sends him home. Like Dave with the mustache. That leaves six candidates.

You can see here which candidates had to leave (or left voluntarily) in the previous episodes and which ones are still there:

All the information about “The Bachelorette” in the special on RTL.de.

What do you think of Nadine’s decision to leave Eddy, Jorgo and Dave? Was it surprising that I chose these three people, or are you happy that these same candidates completely upset you? Y: Were you as embarrassed as we were in episode 5? Let us know in the comments below the article or on Facebook.