The Bachelorette: Aurelio en un frenesí de fans

The Bachelorette: Aurelio on a fan frenzy

The Bachelorette: Aurelio on a fan frenzy

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wantedon 08/18/2014 | 14:23

In the case of former “Die Bachelorette” candidate Aurelio, opinions are divided like no other participant so far. The 36-year-old’s macho demeanor divides the show’s audience at the dome, but it seems like he’s getting more and more approval from fans. What could that be?

The men’s smithy of “The Bachelorette” made Aurelio from the quiet Gevelsberg known throughout Germany. Due to his pronounced self-confidence, the “Die Bachelorette” contestant impressed 26-year-old Anna Hofbauer. Aurelio burned in the public mind through his ingenious staging. In the end, however, the proud Italian did not convince the Bachelorette of his qualities and had to abandon the sails last week.

The bachelorette party: candidate Aurelio polarizes

Already in the first episodes of “The Bachelorette,” the 36-year-old male model made his claims of ownership of Anna clear. His companions were also quick to notice the flamboyant nature of the comrade. The other “Die Bachelorette” participants at Gevelsberger quickly agreed: Aurelio’s involvement was never about Anna or finding a wife for life. And so the bachelorette party parted with Aurelio with a heavy heart last week. But her firing from “The Bachelorette” didn’t shake her charm-stud qualities – quite the contrary! The polarizing candidate has a large fan base behind him.

The candidate of “The bachelorette party” Aurelio remains convinced of himself

However, Aurelio himself makes an appearance on his Facebook page, which surprised him by the extent of his success after the end of his short television career with “The Bachelorette Party. You don’t even have autograph cards in hand: “There are so many email inquiries about autograph cards. Unfortunately, the first batch of cards is already gone. But my management is currently receiving supplies. I’ll let you know when it’s available again. “ Aurelio didn’t expect the hype that surrounded him, although he should have known that polarizing characters are always the most sought after on the television scene. And one thing we have to give the former “The Bachelorette” candidate: he definitely has that something for sure!

Whether Aurelio was ultimately about knowing “The Bachelorette Party” or not, is in the stars. Let the charm soar now and bask in your newfound fame.

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