"El batman" con Robert Pattinson: ¿Vamos a tener una película de asesinos en serie?

"The batman" with Robert Pattinson: Are we going to have a serial killer movie?

"The batman" with Robert Pattinson: Are we going to have a serial killer movie?

The official plot of the upcoming “Batman,” in which Robert Pattinson plays the batman for the first time, is still under lock and key. However, based on known facts, one can speculate: the new “Batman” is likely to be a serial killer movie …

Warner Bros. / MFA

After a lot of back and forth, Warner has released the next “Batman” movie. Matt Reeves (“Planet of the Apes 2” and “Planet of the Apes 3”) will direct and write, starring Robert Pattinson (for which he is an excellent choice). But what is the new “Batman” movie, still untitled, about when it arrives in June 2021?

In his “Dark Knight” trilogy, Christopher Nolan showed us Batman (Christian Bale) haunted by fear and cornered by overwhelming opponents, most notably the Joker (Heath Ledger). Zack Snyder introduced an elderly Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) who has a past with him and has to learn to cooperate. Matt Reeves is likely to take a different approach to differentiate himself from his predecessors.

The new Batman has to be different

His “Batman”, which incidentally will have no connection with “Batman V Superman” or other films of the so-called DC Extended Universe (such as “Justice League”, “Wonder Woman”, “Aquaman”), could be the adaptation of the comic strip “Batman: The Long Halloween” (“Batman: The Long Halloween”) – and with it a killer story like no other “Batman” movie.

Under our “Batman” message to potential villains, users Mordru the “Halloween” comic as a possible template and he is not alone with this speculation on the net. In this comic, published between 1996 and 1997, the Dark Knight is still at the beginning of his career, which would fit perfectly with the age of Robert Pattinson, who is 33 years old. An origin story should not be told in the new movie, and as director Matt Reeves revealed in an interview in 2017, his “Batman” should be a detective story. “The Long Halloween” is a detective story.

“Batman: The Long Halloween”

In the comic, Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, faces a serial killer. This killer kills Gotham City gangsters once a month, always on an important holiday. The killer is called Holiday. Batman works with District Attorneys Harvey Dent and James Gordon to arrest Holiday. Dent transforms into the two-faced warp over the course of the plot and there are tons of other super villains …

… Which in turn fits perfectly with the current rumor, according to which a total of six big bad guys will be doing mischief in the new “Batman”: Riddler, Catwoman, Pinguin, the pyromaniac specialist Firefly, the Mad Hatter who controls Mind and Two-Face. If “The Long Halloween” is actually the template, certainly tweaked as usual, these six guys wouldn’t be the main villains.

That could also explain why Warner apparently decided that so many bastards would appear in the new Batman movie theater. – They simply would not be the main problem for Batman this time, for example as a league of villains, but they would contribute to the plot as secondary characters. And who knows, maybe even one or the other of these prominent opponents is among Holiday’s victims …

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