"El batman" con Robert Pattinson: todo lo que sabemos sobre la nueva película de DC hasta ahora

"The batman" With Robert Pattinson: Everything We Know About The New DC Movie So Far

"The batman" With Robert Pattinson: Everything We Know About The New DC Movie So Far

Now that the lead actor of “The Batman” has been found in Robert Pattinson, the project, which has been plagued with numerous setbacks and changes of plans, is finally underway. We collect all known information.

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Robert Pattinson is Batman. The British actor’s engagement, who is still branded as a “Twilight” baby, wasn’t met with great enthusiasm across much of the internet, but these reactions are now almost part of the biggest superhero auditions (just think of the excitement surrounding Heath Ledger or Ben Affleck). Either way, all the complaints are to no avail, because Pattinson’s engagement has now also been confirmed by “The Batman” director Matt Reeves:

No connection to the DCEU

Indeed Pattinson will not be a younger version of the Ben affleck played Batman from “Batman V Superman” and “Justice League”as many DCEU fans had long expected. This is confirmed by the renowned industry magazine, among others Deadline. DC Insider Information Mark Hughes of Forbes goes even further and claims that “The Batman” is planned as the beginning of a new DC cinematic universe that will gradually replace the previous DCEU in the coming years. You can find all the additional information here:

In the future there will be another DC cinematic universe besides the DCEU

The history

The concrete information about the plot of “The Batman” is not yet available and even the little information that has been leaked so far should not be set in stone, because Reeves is apparently still fine-tuning the script.

But it has long been said that Matt Reeves is the first time wants to focus on the detective aspect of the Batman character and also wants to incorporate noir elements into his film. It is also clear that in “The Batman” a younger Bruce Wayne at the beginning of his career as a Dark Knight I will go. In a new background article on the casting process, the industry magazine writes The Hollywood Reporterthat the new Batman is around 30 years old (Pattinson himself is 33 years old.) Should there is no origin story to tell but the story of Bruce Wayne who is on his way to becoming a brilliant detective, but still looking for the necessary support.

Bad boys

So even though this Batman will be pretty inexperienced, he will still be up against various bad guys. the Hollywood reporter reported on it for a long time in “The Batman” everything “Villain Gallery“It would be, im Heat vision– Newsletter THR was the last of a “half a dozen villains” speech.

The penguin and Catwoman will surely be among that dirty half dozen, and rumors about Riddler’s performance persist. – Among other things, because Matt Reeves shared an image on Twitter in September 2018 showing famous costumes of exactly these three characters:

There is no need to fear there is an overdone villain because of these many villains. Presumably, for example, the penguin will assume the role of central antagonist, while other villains will only pause for a moment. or (possibly in the case of Catwoman) acting like a nuisance.

Now that Robert Pattinson’s engagement has been confirmed, you should In the coming weeks, the villain actors and supporting characters will be announced (according to Hughes, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, and possibly even Robin will be there).. Maybe Josh Gad really turns into the penguin, who has been applying for the role very aggressively for a long time?

The shooting

Really Filming of “The Batman” should begin in November 2019 and according to a message from UK Production News if this is still the case:

Other sources (including Hollywood reporter, Collider and the aforementioned Mark Hughes) currently assume that Matt Reeves will be the camera not until spring 2020 spear. Given the fact that Pattinson is still in front of the camera for Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” and Reeves is still working on the script for “The Batman,” we also assume that filming won’t begin until 2020.

The start date

Either way, it shouldn’t be a problem, “The Batman” for him. US Release Date Already Announced June 25, 2021 get prepared. For movies of this size, it usually takes about a year between filming start and theatrical release, so Matt Reeves is on time. Although Warner has just announced a full series of new film releases for Germany (including “Birds Of Prey”), Unfortunately, a German start date for “The Batman” has yet to be set.

By the way, if you’re still not convinced by Robert Pattinson as Batman: maybe the arguments of FILMSTARTS editor Björn Becher, who thinks Pattinson is a very good choice, will convince you:

This is why Robert Pattinson can become a perfect Batman