La teoría del Big Bang en ProSieben

The Big Bang Theory in ProSieben

The Big Bang Theory in ProSieben

Nerdy comedy

wantedthe 09/27/2011 | 13:14

Tuesday night is “The Big Bang Theory” time on ProSieben. Starting at 10:15 p.m., two episodes of the popular nerd comedy will be presented again.

The team of “The Big Bang Theory”

ProSieben will show a new episode of the popular American series “The Big Bang Theory” tonight starting at 10:15 pm. In “FBI Visit,” Howard has the opportunity to work on a Department of Defense satellite project. For this, however, the FBI sheds light on his personal background and also questions his friends, a typical situation from “The Big Bang Theory” with consequences. Raj is fed rum cake so he can say a phrase to the handsome FBI agent, while Leonard makes up for it and tells Sheldon more than he should.

Two episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”

The second episode “The Big Bang Theory” also has a lot to offer tonight. In “21 seconds” the kids want to see the new “Indiana Jones” in the theater, which is shown there with an additional 21 seconds. At the box office they find out that the show is already sold out. Sheldon is out of his mind… So it’s worth tune in to ProSieben at 8:15 pm tonight and enjoy new episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”!

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