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The cheapest flat rate for the entire network comes from Norma Connect

The cheapest flat rate for the entire network for telephony and SMS comes from the Telekom Norma Connect brand, it costs only € 4 for 4 weeks.

Allnet’s flat rates are an integral part of many rates today, but are rarely available on their own. The cheapest option at present for a flat rate for telephony on all German networks is offered by the discount provider Norma via Norma Connect. For only 4/4 weeks, Norma Connect offers the flat rate option for the entire network. Since the reservation is necessary 13 times during a whole year, the average monthly price is € 4.33. Besides telephony, you can also send unlimited SMS.

Telephony and SMS from € 2

Those who manage with less can reserve an option with 100 free minutes and 100 free SMS for € 2 per 4 weeks.

Discount store customers can get the starter pack with ten euros of initial credit for a one-time price of 9.95 euros, and each minute of conversation and each SMS to all German networks costs just nine cents as standard, inclusive roaming in the EU. Clients who have a Send an SMS with “Allnet-Flat” to 33233, you can optionally call and send text messages on all German cellular networks for four weeks free of charge and without limit for just an additional four euros.

By the way, Norma Connect uses the Telekom network which, according to numerous tests, has been the best network in Germany for years. A pure telephony tariff is also available in winSIM, for example, but for € 4.99 and in the Telefónica network.