La cucaracha "El cantante enmascarado": las pistas y la revelación

The cockroach “The masked singer”: the clues and the revelation


The second season of “The Masked Singer” has ended and that has never happened before: one of the celebrities voluntarily decided to withdraw early. Who was hiding behind the cockroach was an absolute secret and the jury and the audience had to guess through weekly tips. Here you can find all the clues and the reveal of the cockroach.

Fresh sayings, an indefinable accent and a decidedly carefree walk: this is the cockroach. At first glance, nothing else is seen. But there is more evidence.

These are the previous references to the cockroach:

  • She likes to push herself dark corners around.
  • She is always looking for that best deal.
  • The cockroach sprayed on his video Aerosol cans in some kind of warehouse or workshop.
  • She describes herself as 1st floor, short for Original Gangster.
  • She wants the other creatures roast – The term is used mainly in the comedy scene for an insulting duel.
  • In a video she holds a book called “Cockroach – then I’ll crawl away” in the hand.
  • According to her own statement, she is not from herewhat with here it is meant that it is not clear.
  • The cockroach’s first appearance didn’t reveal much about the celebrity behind the mask. The only thing that was clear from the song selection for “Gangsta’s Paradise” was that the cockroach might have old-school taste in music.
  • In track clip number two, the cockroach says: “I can still do it” In a kind of barn with car tires and a stereo.
  • She mentions the hashtag #Gameon
  • In the background there is apparently a Berlin metro to see.
  • “I’m the boss in the backyard” – Gil Ofarim points out in the podcast that backyard means “back street” in English.
  • “I am a doer, made myself. I have raised my empire to the next level “
  • When asked if the cockroach was a cook, he replied: “I’m always in the mood to eat.”

Since the cockroach itself was not present in the study, the reveal took place for once in a video. And for the second time, the jury was completely correct in their assumptions. The celebrity behind the cockroach was none other than Angelo Kelly!

That was the uniform jury assumption for the celebrity behind the cockroach:

By the way, here you can find all the references to candidates from the second season:

Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel is one of eight employees who know all the celebrities behind the masks.

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Take a look at all the skins again and pay attention to the suggestions:

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