Las películas llegan más rápido a Internet, a través de los canales oficiales.

The content of Netflix and company is distributed in these genres.

Movies reach the Internet faster, through official channels.

Netflix, Amazon, and other streaming providers rely primarily on drama for their content. Other genres are far behind.

What genres are really popular with viewers of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and similar services? If you take a look at the most successful providers, the drama is very popular with providers and users. Distribution on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu looks the same. All three services also have a lot more content to offer than the competition, but the new Disney + looks downright ridiculous.

Particularly popular drama

The Drama category is the most represented among all the major streaming video providers in the United States. This was the result of an evaluation that Justwatch, a service that lists where you can legally stream or buy which movie, made Statista available. Documentaries and series from Europe are also very often represented on Amazon Prime, while competitor Netflix completes the 3 main categories of series from Europe and productions that can be included in the animation. The graph does not show the absolute number of series, as some of them can be assigned to multiple genres.

I would also say that drama resonates better with me.