"La torre oscura": Stephen King Epic seguirá recibiendo series de televisión además de la película con Idris Elba

"The dark tower": Stephen King Epic will continue to receive television series in addition to the film with Idris Elba

"The dark tower": Stephen King Epic will continue to receive television series in addition to the film with Idris Elba

We are still waiting for the first trailer for Stephen King’s adaptation “The Dark Tower”, but in the meantime there is a new message about the television series that is supposed to complement the film. He had recently become quite calm about this …

Sony Pictures Entertainment / Marco Grob

The large-scale project “The Dark Tower”, plagued with many problems, in operation for many years and conceived at an earlier time as a film series with a television series, has now at least been turned into a film: simply titled “The Dark Tower,” like the one used as a template. Also featuring a series of Stephen King books, the film will hit theaters on August 10, 2017 after the start date has been postponed multiple times. But there was still no video material to be seen and there was no talk of the TV series for a long time. At least this last point has now been updated by producer Ron Howard, who has been on board the project for a long time and was instrumental in its development. They are still sticking with the franchise’s television expansion, Howard told TV Line.

“’Dark Tower’ will hit theaters this summer. It’s a great movie from director Nikolaj Arcel. And we are working on the television component “, so howard. You couldn’t make any promises in this area, but from a creative point of view it would go hand in hand with what you have planned for the movies. “

If the first “Dark Tower” movie is successful, more will come. While they are likely to tell an ongoing story, rumors suggest that the series would serve to film the fourth volume of “Dark Tower,” “Glas,” which largely serves as a flashback to Roland’s past. As a result, the series would complement the film series and at the same time tell its own full story, so one would not have to depend on the participation of the stars of the films, as younger actors would be needed for the characters. Idris Elba, Matthew McConaughey and company would be necessary to film a framed story.

While Ron Howard is generally positive about the planning of the TV series, there is no announcer on board yet and it seems more than likely that the industry will wait for the film’s success first. Here, the last gunman Roland (Idris Elba) goes in search of the legendary Dark Tower, which threatens to collapse and would herald the fall of all worlds. Roland is accompanied on his journey by the boy Jake (Tom Taylor), while the bad man in black (Matthew McConaughey) keeps getting in his way.