"Los muertos no mueren": Esta es la nueva voz alemana de Bill Murray

"The dead don’t die": This is Bill Murray’s new German voice

With “The Dead Don’t Die” German fans have to get used to a new voice from Bill Murray. We explain the background and what we think of the new speaker Bodo Wolf.

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German voice actor Arne Elsholtz died in 2016. In recent years, moviegoers who prefer German versions have had to get used to the new voices of many of their stars. Finally, Elsholtz spoke, among others, of Tom Hanks (since then spoken by Joachim Tennstedt and Thomas Nero Wolff) and Jeff Goldblum (since then Martin Umbach, who, however, nicknamed him several times before). And Elsholtz also gave Bill Murray an unmistakable and extremely famous voice in this country, which we last heard on “Rock The Kasbah.”

Whereas at Hanks and Goldblum the German distributors and the respective dubbing studios had to search for the new voices in the past, it was only now for Murray. Because his mini cameo in “Ghostbusters” could be treated by a prominent comedy speaker (Oliver Kalkofe), by his characters in “The Jungle Book” (actor Armin Rohde took over here as part of a cast of celebrities ) and “The Atari Journey.” (Klaus-Dieter Klebsch, the voice of “Dr. House,” took over) You had your hands free anyway, as Murray himself is just a voice actor and the average viewer doesn’t associate characters with him.

The new voice: Bodo Wolf

In “The Dead Don’t Die,” a veteran in the voice acting business Bill Murray talks to Bodo Wolf. Wolf is extremely moody and has already voiced a wide variety of actors in over 1,800 roles. He is best known as the voice of Tony Shalhoub in “Monk,” Bryan Cranston in “Malcolm mittendrin” or the horror film series “Saw,” where he played the killer Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) for the German version. Borrowed voice.

More recently he was heard as the German voice of John Lithgow as Jud Crandall in the remake of “Friedhof der Kuscheltiere.” Incidentally, Wolf already had big voiceover prints to fill out – he succeeded Peer Augustinski as the German voice of Robin Williams after suffering a stroke.

Is Bodo Wolf a good option?

In his many roles, Wolf has shown that he can bring charm, wit, or threat. He is one of the best German voice actors. However, it’s hard to get used to Murray’s late 2016 regular speaker Arne Elsholtz. While this one with his bright but distinctive voice could brighten up every scene, no matter how dramatic it is, just with his voice without destroying an atmosphere with a joke, for example, On “The Dead Don’t Die” with Bodo Wolf, the audiobook speaker is still loud. While it always sounds nice, to make you happy to hear it, it runs out of big ups and downs, no corners or edges.

However, it may well be that Wolf is intentional to appear so drab. Because with “The Dead Don’t Die” lethargy is on the agenda. Director Jim Jarmusch has gifted us with a deeply laconic film that makes his characters seem like they’re full of tranquilizers.. Therefore, it is difficult to come to a conclusive opinion about Wolf as Murray’s German voice after this very unusual role. Incidentally, Wolf can already be heard in the German trailer. This does not yet offer the final sync of the film, for example Robert Glatzeder (most recently his voice in “BlacKkKlansman”) or Adam Driver, who in the final film then spoke of Sascha Rotermund (who already nicknamed him in “Seven Damn Long Days ”)) is spoken. You can get a picture of the sync yourself with this little clip:

It also remains to be seen how things will continue in the future. It is quite conceivable that you will try a different announcer on Murray next time, especially since Jim Jarmusch is known for keeping an eye on the timing of his films (which he even avoided with his early films), and thus probably on the selection. von Wolf was involved. It could take a while until we know if a new permanent spokesperson for Murray can be established.

As of November 7, 2019, the star can be seen in German theaters in “Zombieland 2: Double Tap,” but this is probably just a small role that can be re-performed with a celebrity, like Kalkofe in “Ghostbusters. ”. -The choice of speakers could be omitted. Murray’s next big appearance is in Wes Anderson’s new movie: “The French Dispatch” won’t be released until sometime in 2020.

“The Dead Don’t Die” has been in German cinemas since June 13, 2019.

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