¡El clan Denali está completo!

The Denali clan is complete!

The Denali clan is complete!

At the beginning of the filming of“Twilight 4 – Dawn” the roles have now been officially confirmed: in the fourth part comes the Denali clan in addition, a circle of vampires of more than 1000 years that, like the Cullens, surrounds themselves with people and feed on animal blood. The Denali clan was founded by Vampirin Sashawho created one herself at the time of the Plague of the Immortal Children and was killed by the Volturi.


The vampire Eleazar, who has the gift of tracking the special abilities of others, becomes an actor. Christian camargo(Left image) incarnate. The New York native had his biggest hit on the show to date “Right handed”.


The vampire Carmen, who has no supernatural abilities, is Eleazar’s partner. Is played by My teacher(Middle image), an Argentine beauty that you may still remember from the series “Alias” knows.


Tanya, a daughter of the Sasha clan founder, is the leader of the circle. The Swede assumes her role Myanna buring(Image on the right).


Actress Casey LaBow embodies another daughter of Sasha: Kate. This has the gift of generating electrical voltage and being able to transmit discharges when touched.


“Lost”-Star Maggie grace takes on the role of Irina, Sasha’s third daughter. In “Breaking Dawn” Irina sees Bella and Edward’s daughter Renesmee and thinks she is seeing another immortal child, which reminds her of the painful death of her own mother. Then activate the Volturi … Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s daughter, is by the way. Mackenzie foy juice. Of course, you can find more information about Mädchen.de.

Kellan Lutz on the birth of “Renesmee”