El diablo viste de Prada - la verdadera historia

The devil wears Prada – the true story

The devil wears Prada - the true story

Fashion Documentary

wantedon 08/30/2011 | 16:30

“The September Issue” portrays Anna Wintour, the most powerful woman in the world of fashion.

Since last week, fashion enthusiasts can look forward to a very special gift. “The September Issue” gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what is probably the most famous fashion magazine in the world. The film shows us the creation of the most important edition of the year and the daily work of Fashion Potato Anna Wintour and her magnificent VOGUE team.

Film producer RJ Cutler received a very special privilege. In 2009, she was allowed to look behind the scenes of American VOGUE and accompany the legendary Anna Wintour and her entire team for eight months to fashion shows, photoshoots and meetings. He portrayed the creation of the September issue (“September Issue”), which finally weighed 2.5kg and had 840 proud pages.

Anna Wintour at work.

Anna Wintour surprised

The stunning documentary shows fashion popes Anna Wintour, one of the most controversial and eccentric personalities in the fashion world, from a completely different and surprising side. For more than two decades, the editor-in-chief of American VOGUE has been deciding what’s hot and what’s not. With a critical connoisseur’s eye, she observes models, designers and collections at the world’s most important fashion shows, in shootings and meetings, and is currently the most influential woman in the world of fashion.

“The September Issue” is the true story of the Hollywood comedy “The Devil Wears Prada,” so to speak. Viewers closely experience the unfolding of the year’s biggest issue, engage in fast-paced and demanding daily work at VOGUE, and gain an engaging insight into the dazzling, fascinating and fast-paced world of fashion. The documentary is available on DVD from August 26 and brings a touch of glamor and haute couture to German salons.

Image Sources: universumfilm