La solución exprés: con Blush against the winter blues

The express solution: with Blush against the winter blues

The express solution: with Blush against the winter blues

wantedon 01/25/2013 | 11:43

Pale complexion and pale cheeks are the result of cold, dreary days. The quick fix: blush in the most beautiful color variations.

The origin of blush, or blush, dates back to the time of Louis XVI. when elegant paleness was still considered a noble trait. A bit of red was applied to the previously powdered white and flawless faces. Today as yesterday the effect remains the same. The express solution for cold and gloomy days: blush in the most beautiful color variants such as powder, cream or tincture, for individual freshness and the most beautiful winter complexion.

But the rouge not only optically invigorates, it also models the different shapes of the face and gives them more expressiveness. In this way, contours are optimally accentuated and benefits are highlighted. Whether powder, liquid or creamy, the different textures allow very individual results.

Delicate blush or light reflections?

Powder blush is the most classic and subtle variant. the Diorblush The traditional brand of the same name emphasizes the natural complexion with its matte finish. In combination with the mother-of-pearl powder contained in the same bottle, light reflections are created. A unique game of colors.

Liquid blush has a very intense color and must therefore be applied in a particularly well-dosed manner. But the effect is even more compelling. Benetint de Benefit is a fluid that shines in burgundy and gives it a romantic and youthful look. Since it is very opaque, it can also be used for the lips and diffuses the delicate aroma of rose petals. The dye creates a pinkish hue that looks like a delicate blush.

Featured in all facets

Creamy blush is the easiest option in everyday wear and especially when you’re on the go. It adapts perfectly to every skin type and tone and blends with the skin’s surface. The intensity of the cream blush can also be selectively increased. the Accent color bar by Shiseido fixes reflections and ensures a brilliant radiance of the complexion, with a touch of glamor and color.

The choice of colors is more diverse than ever and goes far beyond the original “blush”. Berry and orange-red tones are best for adding a fresh touch of color to the face. Shades with a brown undertone, which are slightly darker than natural complexions, give more contour to the face. Colors like Vintage rose, Peechy Keen, Sun drenched cinnamon, Rosebud, Sugar and spices or strawberry sorbet Not only do they sound exotic, they also look amazingly quirky.