Google: Stadia obtiene Touch y otras innovaciones

The first Chrome extensions for Stadia are available

Stadia hasn’t been around for a long time, but the first browser extensions for the game streaming service have appeared.

Google’s Stadia streaming service is not yet national and only available with a subscription, but the universe is slowly growing. The community has already provided the first extensions that we can install for Stadia in our Chrome browser. With a few mini-downloads, Stadia can now be changed and further adapted to individual user needs. Stadia + is one of those extensions, the first version of which is now available on the Web Store.

– Game clock – Library filtering – Network monitoring overlay

Initial extensions connect Stadia to other services

StadiaRPC also allows you to connect to Discord and let your friends know what you are playing on Stadia. Stadia generally does not yet offer any connection to such services. Google wants to establish its own universe around Stadia.