La actriz de "Gilmore Girls" odia su papel

The “Gilmore Girls” actress hates her role

The actress of "Gilmore Girls" hates his role


The Lorelai and Rory Gilmore story is one of the most popular series of all time. Why else should the resurgence of “Gilmore Girls: A New Year” cause excitement among critics, fans, and stars at the same time? But while we can’t wait to see the popular characters again, one actress on the show admits that she didn’t like her role at all.

How popular the “Gilmore Girls” are with their fans is demonstrated by the resurgence that will soon air on Netflix. Starting on November 25, we will finally see what has happened to Rory and Lorelai’s lives in recent years, and there will also be a meeting with the other residents of Stars Hollow.

When April appears, the hatch swerves completely.

But as much as we love the sympathetic mother-daughter duo and their quirky friends in the idyllic small town, one character on the show doesn’t seem to go wrong with fans. When April Nardini appears in season six and, as Luke’s previously unknown 12-year-old daughter, inadvertently causes Luke and Lorelai to grow apart, she becomes anything but popular. And April actress Vanessa Marano does not speak well of the role she plays.

“I already hate her”

Vanessa Marano couldn’t stand April

When Vanessa Marano took on the role of April Nardini and read the script for the first time, she was surprised to see that she was a fan of the “Gilmore Girls.” “I immediately thought, ‘My God, she’s going to ruin your relationship. My God, I already hate her. I have to play it, ‘”the 23-year-old reveals in an interview with Buzzfeed News. However, the expected antipathies did not discourage her: “I said to myself, ‘Anyway, the world will hate me for a while, but I can be on the set of Gilmore Girls.’

And now even again. Vanessa Marano can also be seen in the revival of “Gilmore Grils.” We are excited to see how things turned out between April, Luke and Lorelai!

Image Source: Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown, Netflix