El entrenamiento de glúteos y muslos

The glute and thigh workout

The glute and thigh workout

Here are the exercises at a glance …

Lateral leg raises: Strengthens the lateral gluteal muscles and the outer part of the thigh.

Rear leg raise: Firms the entire lower and back of the thigh.

Leg lifters: Strengthens and firms the buttocks and thighs.

Little buddha: Strengthens the front thigh

Lying Leg Raise: Firms the entire thigh

bridge: for firm glutes

scissors: Firms and firms the outer part of the thighs. (good against “saddlebags”)

Glute build up: for a firm bottom around

Thigh tensioners: Great when the inner thighs are “shaky”

Quadruped support: for buttocks and rear thighs

You can find more great exercises here: Bubble butt: Video tutorial for glute exercises