Gmail: la aplicación Lighter Go ahora probablemente esté disponible para todos los teléfonos inteligentes Android

The Gmail app is losing Google’s brand a bit

Gmail: The Lighter Go app is now probably available for all Android smartphones

Google is removing Google’s previously unambiguous style from its own email app; the advantage of creating new emails is being redesigned a bit.

In Google services, it is currently always possible to see from small elements that the respective service clearly comes from Google. In Gmail there is, among other things, the Compose button, which so far has been in Google’s colors red, blue, green and yellow. The Gmail app is about to lose this part of the brand, as our American colleagues at 9to5Google have already discovered.

Android app loses the Google brand

The Compose button (floating action button) will no longer show Google Plus, but a red pencil as a symbol. This change has appeared in the Android app since version 2020.05.17.313130477, please inform colleagues, including screenshots:

In the web version I still see Google Plus, which is also the case in other Google services such as Google Drive.