El Grand Tour presenta… Marineros

The Grand Tour presents… Sailors

The Grand Tour presents… Sailors

The Grand Tour enters its fourth season under the Amazon umbrella. Instead of classic series with short episodes, there are long specials with lots of entertainment.

The year is coming to an end, but with it the start of a new season The Grand Tour. However, unlike previous years, the structure of a classic series has been jettisoned. There will not be a new episode lasting 45 minutes each week, instead there will initially only be new specials. With Seamen now is the first special of the new season, which is at least about 90 minutes long.

The Grand Tour begins with the fourth season

Car fans might get less money now, but the three guys are also incredibly entertaining on all other topics. I’m a fan and will take a look, maybe you should too. Available free of charge on all platforms for Amazon Prime customers.