El Grand Tour comienza mañana, Our Man in Japan en tres semanas

The Grand Tour starts tomorrow, Our Man in Japan in three weeks

The Grand Tour starts tomorrow, Our Man in Japan in three weeks

Amazon can shake up the winter with two interesting originals. New material for The Grand Tour begins in 2019, followed by Our Man in Japan.

The next season of The Grand Tour will begin on Prime Video on Friday, and Amazon has canceled the classic series format entirely. So there isn’t a new episode every week, instead fans can look forward to a variety of entertaining specials. The Grand Tour begins with the Seamen Special on December 13, 2019, with additional new content from commentators three weeks later in the new year.

Our man in japan

The three popular and popular presenters will receive their own productions, the first of which will begin on January 3, 2020. Then, Our Man will be released in Japan by James May. James May gets to know Japan in his own way that has been known for many years. We are definitely fun and entertaining.

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