Gboard: el teclado de Google te permite crear pegatinas con emojis

The keyboard app just keeps getting better: Google integrates the Assistant directly into Gboard and more

Gboard: the Google keyboard lets you create stickers with emojis

More changes and innovations are planned for Gboard. Google keyboard app is getting bigger and better in the near future.

Google can’t let its own keyboard app be a keyboard, as the group has repeatedly tested over the years with numerous additions. But there will be more in the future, as the corresponding text modules and strings in the source code of the current version of Android (beta) reveal. Google will soon release the completely new version of the Google Assistant in Germany, and it will also be integrated into Gboard.

It’s still unclear how exactly Gboard and Assistant fit together, but the integration appears to be related to the on-device version of the voice assistant. On-Device ensures that voice commands are processed directly on the device, therefore almost in real time. This allows Google to directly control applications and application functions. Is that why you have the new connection to Gboard? The following strings have appeared:

  • Ask Assistant button
  • Ask assistant

Google recently integrated Lens into the keyboard and abandoned simple web searches.

New feature for auto-correction and suggested answers

Another string in the source code again indicates the automatic completion that Gboard should receive for chat applications. A bit like the smart replies in notifications from Android 10 onwards.

Last but not least, there is a quick access to undo an automatic correction. The following string is already in the source code of the application: “Use the backspace key to go back to the original text after auto-correction.” Not clear what is meant by that?

Disassembling current versions of the application

In the so-called disassembly, the source code of a current version of the application is analyzed. Text modules and other information about new features often appear at an early stage. At this time, however, it is rarely possible to say when and if the innovations that have been discovered will actually be available to users.