"El marciano": ¿Patatas en Marte?  ¿Es esto realmente posible?

"The martian": Potatoes on Mars? Is this really possible?

"The martian": Potatoes on Mars?  Is this really possible?

In Ridley Scott’s sci-fi survival thriller “The Martian,” astronaut and botanist Mark Watney hopes to survive on Mars by growing potatoes. Typically Hollywood? Or: how realistic is this idea actually?

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He got stupid! In the near future: after a sandstorm, the crew of the space mission “Ares 3” has to leave Mars in a hurry. Botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is believed to be dead and hastily abandoned. But the scientific astronaut has simply not blessed the time and instead finds himself without communication and damaged equipment on this inhospitable planet, 15 million miles from Earth. And the next “Ares 4” mission is not expected to reach Mars in four years.

You can tell a lot about Ridley Scott’s surprisingly humorous sci-fi thriller based on Andy Weir’s novel and see how realistic (or not) the film’s space travel assumptions are (short answer: relatively realistic). But in the end the most exciting question is of interest: Can you really grow potatoes on Mars and survive for a long time?

The answer is in our article:

“The Martian”: Could you really grow potatoes on Mars?

“Der Martianer” will be broadcast on Friday, June 7, 2019 at 8.15 pm on ProSieben’s free television.

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